FILE:  NICE.jpg  ( 855.2KB ) DATE : 2007-12-07 HIT : 58652

Out of the plastic boxes which are selling at present, it's ability and working efficiency are most excellent, the competitive power is much higher with the low price same as the level of steel box. The products were added the electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and preventing substance of the static electricity, and the strong point was given to the relevant mechanical protection of electricity, electron and etc. The use are possible according to the size such as small terminal box, signal, terminal and pull, control box etc. All of the products are waterproof and dustproof. (IP 66~67 NEMA 4X) Refer to the attachment.

The product weighs approximately 1/4 the weight og an iron box and can be easily installed or moved. The product is free from corrosion, carries cuperior insulation. The product has passed waterproof and dustproof carried out under rigid quality standards. (IP 66~67, NEMA 4X) The use is also convenient for the installation of Terminal Substitution Rail, Button Box, Small Terminal, Signal, Relay and Sensor, Communication and Joint Box etc. Refer to the attachment.